Google Visitors

Visitors page that also visits other pages – for people who explore your site, maybe compare variations of different products. This is only for display networks.

Visitors’ pages are also visited during a certain date – the target person visiting when you run a special promotion. For example, you can experience traffic nails during ‘events,’ like Valentine’s Day or Christmas. You can build a list of these people using this feature and then target them in the future. You must have a long list duration, in this case.

Visitors page with specific tags – for people who run a re-marketing campaign some time ago and have a different ‘rebuild market’ for different pages.

There is also an option for ‘special combination,’, if you just direct, you want to leave it for now.

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After you decide the option, you need to provide a relevant URL that matches what you are trying to achieve.


If your URL is well organized, you can also make rules.


So, I can make a rule that anyone visiting and viewing pages with ‘webinars’ in the URL added to the list.


If I want to promote a webinar course, I can promote it to people in this re-marketing list, as I know they are interested in the topic ‘Webinars.’

You can also decide to add people from the last 30 days to this list, but your ability to do this will depend on how long you have a renewal tag on your site.

Next, let’s look at building a re-marketing list using YouTube options.


You must choose how this list is filled, by selecting ‘type list.’


What you choose will be decided by what your campaign goals and what certain actions say about people.

For example, if someone has seen a particular video, ‘You know what specific topics they are interested in and you can promote relevant content to them, or even relevant products.

It’s also a good idea to choose ‘users from the last 30 days,’ because this can make your re-marketing campaign running quickly.


Finally, let’s see creating a list of customer e-mail marketing.


The process here is quite simple. Give a list of your specific names and then upload the list of email addresses.

It is important that you collect these emails ethically, and that you don’t buy it. If people choose to join your list, that means you obey Google’s policy.

Note: You must have a minimum of 1000 emails for this to work.

As a result of having an email address uploaded, you will be able to reach these people on YouTube, SERP and in Gmail.

So, how can you set up a renewal campaign?

Set up a re-marketing campaign
If you want to set up the Display network marketing campaign, through a normal setting process for such a campaign.


Then, when you get to the part where you can ‘create ad groups and ads,’ Choose Options ‘Interest & Return.’


You then need to choose a relevant repetition list.


Below is what you might see, when choosing ‘re-marketing list.’ Next to the list you can identify how many people are included in the list.


It’s the same, if you select the ‘Video Viewers’ option.


If you want to show re-marketing ads to your target audience in Gmail, select the ‘customer email list’ option.


You can then choose the email list that you want to target and start organizing your campaign.

If you want to display a re-marketing campaign on YouTube, the process is a little different.

This time, you need to select the ‘Video’ option, when clicking ‘+ Campaign’.


Go through the general setting process for advertising.

Note: If you want your ad to appear exclusively on YouTube, make sure you cancel video video options on the Display Network. “


When you are in the ‘Create ad group and ad section, it’s important